TVR Griffith 500 with restored chassis and continuous history

This is a lovely, enthusiast-owned and cherished 5.0-litre Griffith with an exceptional full service history. It looks stunning in Aston Martin Cureton (dark metallic) green, with contrasting magnolia leather interior.

There is a full and detailed history file – with an inch-thick sheaf of supporting invoices from TVR experts STR8SIX, Racing Green, Fernhurst Motor Company (who look after the car for me, as well as prior), Austec Racing, Hexham Horseless Carriage and S P Broughton, the supplying dealer.

As detailed below, the history is continuous and comprehensive – from new till present.

Way back in 1996, my first car was a TVR and I have retained a passion for the marque ever since. A couple of years ago, I started searching for an outstanding and usable Griff to form a long term part of a small collection of classic British sports cars. It took me a long time to find one with a proper service history and obvious enthusiast ownership.

The only reason for sale is a significant change in personal circumstances – coming out of retirement – and buying a practical BMW to cope with extensive motorway miles.

This Griff has some useful extras, including Power Assisted Steering, a two-part roof (in addition to the original and its bag) which is significantly easier to store in the boot and leaves plenty of luggage space, without the compromise of the original), and a remote starting kit, which allows the engine to be jump-started from the engine bay – rather than the traumatic experience of trying to do so from the footwell (as anyone who has tried will understand!). Plus a hot start kit, and a Mark Adams Tornado chip. The registration ‘N300 GRF’ is included at (or near) the asking price. Prior registration is N229 FSH.

The prior keeper was also a serial TVR owner, and by profession an aerospace engineer. During his tenure, he carried out substantial work on the suspension (etc): replacing the top front wishbones, anti-roll bar drop links, fitting new Gaz Gold coil overs all round, new ball joints upper & lower, new track rod ends, a suspension bolt kit, new front brake pistons and seals, discs and pads plus exhaust bushes. All other suspension parts bead-blasted and two pack painted; including the chassis. All bushes were replaced with superflex poly bushes then, finally, a full suspension / geometry set up. All done c 3k miles ago.

Additionally, a new bonnet heat shield, and stainless steel coolant pipes. Plus new Revolution alloy wheels and new tyres fitted.

Mileage is now c 51k and recent work at Fernhurst Motor Company has been undertaken on the basis of ‘whatever needs doing’ and includes: a new starter motor, steering rack PAS seal, clutch master and slave cylinders, upgraded headlamp and spot lamp bulbs, etc. Also I have two sets of keys, immoboliser ‘keys’, and alarm remotes. Original handbook.

The last MOT was done in Mar 2018 at 50,500 miles. It has covered c 2k since the last oil change and I have purchased the correct oil (and filter), intending to change them, or will pass to the new owner.

March 2018 50,500 miles MOT
March 2018 50,480 miles Fernhurst Motor Co. new starter motor, PAS rack seals
October 2017 50,218 miles Fernhurst Motor Co. clutch master and slave cylinders, upgraded headlamp and spot lamp bulbs
June 2017 parts Abacus Car Alarms new immobiliser sender
March 2017 48473 miles MOT
August 2016 parts Clarion UK Hot start kit
Apr 2016 46600 miles GotBoost Ltd chassis geometry & set-up £330
March 2016 46524 miles MOT
January 2016 parts Superflex Ltd Wishbone kits £270
Dec 2015 parts Racetech Direct ARB drop links, bushes, wishbones, bolts, etc..£770
August 2015 parts Moto-oil UK Mobil 1 engine oil
June 2015 parts ACT Performance Stainless coolant pipes £72
Nov 2014 45194 miles STR8SIX 12K service, incl gbox & diff oils, brake & clutch fluid, etc, £1048
Nov 2014 45194 miles MOT
June 2014 parts Bigg Red Calipers Front caliper seal kit
Nov 2013 43711 miles MOT
Sept 2012 42930 miles MOT
Nov 2013 43697 miles STR8SIX Body-off chassis outrigger replacement. Plus service, braided brake hoses, engine mounts, hbrake cable, etc £3721
August 2011 42229 miles STR8SIX 12K Service, incl gbox & diff oils, brake fluid, front wishbones, 4-wheel alignment, etc, £1060
June 2010 41426 miles Racing Green Re-trim with new carpet kit, plus new battery, starter motor, etc, £1769
August 2011 42229 miles MOT
Sept 2010 41733 miles MOT
August 2009 40,553 miles Racing Green 6K service £447
May 2009 39558 miles Racing Green Misc: HT leads, shroud, Leven brake and clutch pedals, etc, £337
August 2008 38287 miles MOT
August 2008 38287 miles Fernhurst Motor Co. Service, including brake discs, etc, £949
August 2007 35608 miles MOT
July 2007 34758 miles Fernhurst Motor Co. Chassis protection, etc, £702
May 2007 33178 miles Fernhurst Motor Co. Full service and check over (3 pages), £1105
August 2006 27983 miles MOT
August 2006 27983 miles Fernhurst Motor Co. Fit under-bonnet remote jump start kit, plus cables, £156
August 2005 24638 miles MOT
August 2005 24638 miles Austec Racing Ltd Replace manifold gaskets, £351
July 2005 24590 miles Austec Racing Ltd Full service and new clutch, £1438
April 2005 n/r Austec Racing Ltd Remove, clean and refit injectors, £382
March 2005 n/r Austec Racing Ltd Fit Mark Adams Tornado kit, ignition amp, new air flow meter, rolling road set-up, etc, £1111
March 2005 parts ACT Performance Mark Adams Tornado chip package £350
July 2004 19285 miles TVR Military Sales Service
January 2003 18446 miles Hexham TVR Service
Nov 2001 15438 miles Hexham TVR Service
Nov 2000 13948 miles Hexham TVR Service
Nov 1999 11369 miles Broughton TVR Service
Nov 1999 11369 miles Broughton TVR Service
Nov 1998 8408 miles Broughton TVR Service
Feb 1997 3072 miles Broughton TVR Service
July 1996 1057 miles Broughton TVR Service
May 1996 27 miles Broughton TVR Supplying dealer

Perhaps most importantly, given the main vulnerability of the model – is the body removal replacement of the outriggers by STR8SIX at the end of 2013. The car has been garaged since (I keep it in a carcoon, too).

I searched for over six months viewing numerous Griffs in the process. I did not want a “concours” 20-year old car which had covered 10k miles (nor could I justify the asking prices), rather I was looking for a car with a full and proper service history and obviously cherished ownership. I have been previously been caught out buying a TVR without long term care…and spent a fortune catching up on what should have been done. As the saying goes…”once bitten…..”

This one is in lovely condition, reflecting mature and caring owners. It is not “concours”, just to be clear, but it was certainly one of the best ‘used’ Griffs I saw and with the significant advantages of a full body-off chassis restoration, plus thorough and continuous maintenance by acknowledged experts made it stand out.

It drives superbly and is of course tremendous fun. It will be much-missed, once sold, and I would love it to see it find a good home with a like-minded enthusiast.

Please do email / call with any enquiries.

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