The Gearbox


The Gearbox was originally formed in 2011 by SADCASE founder Martin Pester to help assist the Clubs growing events and commitments. Naturally since then things have grown and the club has become one of the biggest in the South East.

In this enforced 'downtime' for the club, we've been Zooming to create a new Gaerbox line-up to take the club forward from 2021. As of Summer 2021 the Gearbox is as follows:

  • Robert & Jessica Carter as new joint chairs of the club (membership & comms);

...who will be supported by the new, extended Gearbox line-up of:

  • Jamie Brown & Chrissie Brown (Facebook/web site);
  • Mike Toynbee (PR, calendars, charity liaison);
  • Chris Mason (events);
  • Tom Jameson (Drive-it days/events)
  • Simon Hoy (treasurer 2.0)
  • Alan Humphries (practicalities)
  • David Wright (practicalities)
  • Chris Shanahan (merchandise/regalia)
  • Martin Pester (honorary president)

And our thanks to these volunteers (aka 'the pit crew') who have kindly offered to assist with the events and activities in 2021, which – with their concerted efforts – will undoubtedly be better than ever:

  • Paul Winsor
  • Keith Barnes
  • Nigel Fryatt
  • Christopher Boyce
  • Robin Biggs
  • Peter Wood
  • Simon Elliott
  • Julian Seymour
  • Duncan McGregor
  • Keith Mitchelson
  • Martin Hudson
  • Richard Baker
  • Tony Young
  • James Ross
  • Malcolm Buckett
  • Roy De Boise
  • Sean Barriskill
  • Philip Humphries
  • Jaso Futers
  • Tim Foxon
  • Oliver Head

Your club has grown in the past decade from a meeting of a dozen like-minded souls to today's 1,500 members and organising some of the largest car meets in the southeast. 

Meanwhile, it's worth reiterating that the founding principles of your club remain unchanged: no hierarchy, no snobbery and, very simply, if you love it, then so do we!