SADCASE Storrington Classic Vehicle Show 2018-29th July

This has to be THE event of the year for anyone with an interest in classics! The third Storrington Classic Vehicle Show held at the Storrington recreation ground. The event is staged by SADCASE with the support of Storrington and Sullington Parish Council. From the massive success in 2016 and this year we are back again for hopefully a even better show in 2018. Weather permitting cars will range from Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins through to MX-5s and some fantastic Minis. It seemed as though just about every marque was represented on the day. The bikes included a big gathering of gleaming Harley Davidsons. Last but not least, were three classic David Brown Tractors that looked as they must have done the day they came off the production line many years ago. Good food, beer and a bit of music will help complete a great atmosphere, with everyone enjoying themselves in the sunshine. All proceeds from the event are to be donated to the well known local charity The Mary How Trust.

IMPORTANT NEWS-As you will all be aware the venue can just about squeeze in 450 cars and if you are not there early you risk being turned away due to lack of space. To give the SADCASE members a guaranteed space on the day we have decided to offer a booking in system which we suggest you do NOW. The first 300 cars will be guaranteed a place on the day if you book in. You will need to book in each car you intend to take on the day. A confirmation will be returned to you via email with something to print off and put in your car window. SADCASE stalwart Chris Mason has offered to do the booking in and you can contact him to register your car at

Date of event: 
Sun, 29/07/2018 - 08:30 to 16:00