Cranleigh Classic Car Show and Autojumble-2017

SADCASE member Alex Baker has been sorting out the Cranliegh show for us and it is now all sorted. Thank you Alex.SADCASE as a club is now registered for the Cranleigh show. The ‘Club Code’ for SADCASE members to register against is: TCTTLJC with a £5 booking fee for the car & passengers. This MUST be entered in the ‘Club Code’ box on the form to ensure the car is part of the number of cars booked in for the pitch. The pitch size is determined by the amount booked in by the closing date.

Here’s a link to the booking form:

So……. We’re all booked in and ready to go. Visit the above link to book your car on to the SADCASE stand at the Cranleigh show. Always a great show and a good turnout by SADCASE members in the previous years we have entered

Date of event: 
Sun, 13/08/2017 - 09:30 to 16:30