A thank you from Roanne at the Mary How Trust....

Sunday may not have been the best day weather wise but we still had a good turnout towards the Mary How Clubs collection. Here below is a letter from Roanne.

Hi Mark and Meredith and Kevin (I don’t have Kevin’s email address – would you please forward this? Thanks!)

I wanted to thank you and everyone involved for all your hard work for the show, and to say how sorry we were for everyone at SADCASE that the weather refused to play ball. All those months of preparation, and the weeks of sunshine, and then the heatwave couldn’t last 24 hours longer! It’s such a shame, and we’re all gutted for you.

It was a typically kind and generous gesture to pass the collection bucket round the gazebo. We are tremendously grateful for all your support, and all that you do to help us keep the local community in good health! You all certainly keep everyone in good spirits! All of us who have ever organised an outdoor event in the UK have found ourselves facing rain, and it’s always a disappointment. And yet, as one of Tom’s great songs from Sunday says: Que sera sera!

Please pass on our best wishes to all the SADCASE team, and our heartfelt thanks for your continued support. I hope you might be thinking of doing the show again next year – it’s such a great day – and if you are, we’ll look forward to being there again to support you and the show.

Here are some photos I took on Sunday: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1861571233910160.1073741848.11...

Warmest regards


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