SADCASE Storrington Classic Vehicle Show-Please donate to our Crowdfunding Page

As you all know we had to cancel the SADCASE Classic Car Show in Storrington due to the adverse weather conditions. This not only leaves the club out of pocket but also stopped us from raising money for our chosen charity The Mary How Trust. If you would like to help with a contribution no matter how small or large it would be greatly appreciated. We're raising £2500 to Help pay for the overheads of the cancelled show and the balance to The Mary How Trust our chosen charity.

Please donate to my JustGiving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:

Thanks for your support

PS. With JustGiving Crowdfunding anyone can raise money to fund their own project - anything from setting up a foodbank, to buying a wheelchair for a relative or even saving a local football club. Want to raise money to make good things happen? Start your Crowdfunding Page today.

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