SADCASE and Amberley Shows on same day

A common question which we are being asked by members is relating to the clash of events of with Amberley Musuem both on the 29th July. For the record, in 2016, at the specific request of Amberley Museum, it was agreed that the SADCASE Show would be held on the last Sunday in July. The SADCASE Show was again held on the last Sunday in the month in 2017 to accommodate Amberley. This year, without mentioning it to us and without any consultation, Amberley announced that, this year, they would be holding their show on the last Sunday in July. By then plans for the SADCASE event were well advanced. Owners  leaving early or arriving late in an effort to attend both events would, we suggest, cause serious safety problems for both ourselves and Amberley . We would therefore say to anyone thinking of doing that, that they have to make up their minds which show they want to go to and stick with it. The SADCASE Show, is officially open to the public between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. During that time, the License Terms/Risk Assessment we have to operate under, says cars in the display area can only move if escorted by a marshal.

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