Piazza Italia

This Sunday 2nd is a great Sadcase event: Piazza Italia Rally Storrington. Our first big outdoor get together of the year is the Italia Piazza Supercar Rally in Storrington on Sunday 2 April, in conjunction with Horsham District Council and Storrington Parish Council. Many members will recall that we took part in this event for the first time last year. Over 90 SADCASE cars turned up to create a main attraction and form a guard of honour when the supercar convoy made a stopover in Storrington. So successful was the SADCASE contribution, we have been asked to do it again this year. Old Mill Drive in Storrington will be closed to traffic and will be the site for an Italian Market. The North Street car park will be closed as last year and be the focal point for the SADCASE gathering. This year, Storrington is the lunchtime stopover point for the Italian supercar convoy. As things stand at the moment it will arrive and park up with the SADCASE cars 12.40 pm and leave again at 1.45 pm. Members cars do not have to be Italian and a good showing of famous British marques would not go amiss.The gates will be closed for parking at 11.30 so don't be late.

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