2 Fantastic bits of news!

Firstly all we can say is WOW! as a response to your generous donations to the fund raising drive I announced yesterday. In the first 24 hours we
have received donations of £1737 from just 82 members. Various amounts have been donated from £2 to £100 and I can only say Thank you so much
to all those that have donated no matter what size. We have about 1100 members in SADCASE and hope the other 1000 or so that have not donated
as yet will do so and that we smash the target. After deducting the costs of the cancelled show (about £750) the balance will as promised go
to our favourite local charity The Mary How trust. As a club we do not charge membership or entrance fees to our shows so think of your
donation as a small thank you for your club membership. Here is the link if you would like to donate:


The next bit of good news is that we have been able to re-arrange the show we had to cancel. The new event will be held on August Bank Holiday Monday 27th August at the Ford Airfield site (just south of Arundel) which most of will know. The site has a huge amount of concrete runway and tarmac parking so not affected so much if the weather is not so good, it has permanent toilet facilities on site and they have welcomed us with open arms. We will try to get all the vendors from the cancelled show to attend if they are not already booked elsewhere but should be able to supply you all with food, drink and old car parts!! Again we will not be charging for showing your car or the public who wish to come and see the show. You may get a bit of bucket rattling
going on on the day but that is up to you of you want to donate. All proceeds will be shared between the SADCASE charity and the Ford site organisers charity as they are not charging us for the site on the day. There will be plenty of room for all so no need to pre book. Just put it in your diary and turn up on the day. I will keep you all informed of the finer details (postcode, times etc.) as I get everything confirmed.

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