A thank you to our members from our SADCASE Chairs

We would like to thank everyone personally involved in putting on and supporting our successful shows in June and last week in Storrington July 3rd.  We look forward to providing details of the charity and the value of our donations that will be made from profits generated. SADCASE has always been able to put on these shows without charge in the the past but the increasing sums needed to cover Medical cover ,Toilets and Insurance Legalities have made this impossible.
100% of the £10 charge for the Jubilee event was given to Amberley Museum and members can be assured that 100% of profits left after expenses at our Storrington show will be given to a local charity. The Mary How charity has received many £££s over the years making a real difference to peoples lives. 
The hard working gearbox committee  will continue to run the club as it was first set up in 2009, as a non profit making volunteer run organisation giving all surplus income to local charities who are presently in desperate need after the pandemic.
We encourage vehicles of all types and any age as in evidence at our evening meetings and shows. Our members own  examples of Classic Cars, Sports Cars, Vintage Cars, Motorbikes, Kit Cars, Supercars and now Electric cars and keen to answer questions and discuss details of their pride and joy.  Our founding statement "If you like then so do we" is still important to us today and has contributed towards the friendly and most interesting mix of members.   
Robert & Jessica  Carter  

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