Taking Part-Harry Sherrard

Long term SADCASE member Harry Sherrard has written his amazing motor sporting memories in a fascinating easy to read book. Whether it was blagging his way into a job with Eddie Jordan s Formula 3 team, racing a Sunbeam Rapier at Goodwood with Derek Daly, learning to plough a straight furrow on a vintage tractor, or rallying across the Sahara Desert, Harry Sherrard saw no reason why he couldn t just do it all! This conversational collection of connected personal anecdotes is an Ulsterman s journey through almost every type of motorsport at home and abroad. He was supported in his adventures by his enthusiastic and adaptable wife Lorraine, sponsor Marcus Mitchell and confidant Patrick Murphy, amongst others. In return he has given much of his own professional and personal time supporting causes such as the revival of Goodwood as a competitive motor circuit, the encouragement of grass roots local events, and the sterling work of the Race2Recovery team of injured servicemen. In this excellently written and superbly illustrated book, Harry has a unique, rich and engaging story to tell. Harry has very kindly agreed to a contribution of each book to the Mary How Trust for each book sold, please see the links below for your chance to purchase this fantastic book:



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