Some Storage Car Tips!

A nice piece from this weeks SADCASE Transmission re car storage tips....Thanks for Trevor Smith for sharing his tips for storing a classic (or any motor). He writes: "I have a 2005 XKR driven summer, dry days only. My storage starts end of September with the list below. Have used this procedure for 5 years and never had an issue. Car is still like new."

Here goes:
Half can of Sea foam in SHELL nitro plus (1/2 tank).
Wax the car but do not buff.
Cream the leather seats & slightly buff.
Card board boxes (empty) inside the car (absorbs damp).
2 large silica gel packs on the dash
Soft top brushed & treated with a quality cleaner
Tyre pressure front and rear increased by 5lb
Drive into the garage onto tyre savers all wheels.
Windscreen wipers lifted and supported off the screen.
Handbrake OFF
Hood & Boot lid closed onto...but NOT latched.
Tennis balls up all 4 exhaust pipes (stops mice)!
Both Front windows open 1/4 inch.
Remove the negative from battery.
Cover the car with 3 cheap quilt covers.
Over the top with a large car cover.
And finally I put cotton wall balls in used takeaway trays dipped in neat peppermint oil under the car...mice & rats absolutely cannot stand the smell of peppermint.

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