At the time of writing demand is exceeding available space on the field so it seems there will be those who will be disappointed.
We can confirm that members who have been advised that they are on the official Eventbrite waiting list will receive a ticket.
This year's unfortunate Covid restrictions including a draconian risk assessment have meant that fewer spaces are available this year.
We are discussing any possibilities of increasing the numbers of show cars on the field.
The show committee inform us:
"We did not know how Covid regulations might affect the organisation of the Show, (or even if there would be a Show at all) we initially set out to release 150 spaces for members. When we did that release they were snapped up in the blink of an eye. Past experience told us to simultaneously create a waiting list so the 151st applicant went straight to that list. The waiting list was set to 100 cars. The waiting list is now full.
The Show area has to allow for members of the public to attend with cars. The number of these we cannot predict or control nor can we prevent them coming as that would displease the Parish Council who give us free use of the field. The Sadcase members who help on the day with site organisational tasks get a slot in return for their efforts."

So if you need a ticket:
1. If you are on our waiting list please check your inbox including junk files!
You may be lucky!
2. Make sure you arrive early at our Wednesday Amberley event .
We are hoping to have a few additional tickets on a first come first served basis.
Come and find us in the cafe! We'll know more on Wednesday.
3. We need one member with a motorhome willing to stay overnight on the field.
This member will act as our visible security official and will be given a show ticket.
4. Volunteers on Saturday and/or Sunday will be given a show ticket.
We may have enough eager members on our list but contact us on just in case!
5. There are limited car parking spaces for the general public on the day.
Any car parked in this area however will not be part of the show.

Our show committee have been working very hard to put on this show trusting it will be a safe, pleasant and hopefully very sunny!
It was decided to use a tested Eventbrite ticketing system to record names and addresses which will enable successful members to display a valid ticket on their windscreen.

Very Important factors to remember in the day:
1. Please note that you MUST display this ticket to access the showground
and be part of the show.
Arrive early. Gates will be open from around 8.00am.
The entry gates will shut at 10.00am.
2. Display your ticket as otherwise you will be turned away.
3. It is important to note that this is an FREE all day show.
All proceeds will be forwarded to local charities.
Vehicles are expected to stay until at least 3.30pm.
We look forward to welcoming all members attending our show. but....
If this all day clause causes any members a problem then please advise by email
events to enable your ticket to be reallocated.
We need your cars on the field to be able to maintain the show!
There are fewer cars this year
4. It is essential for cars to be moved off the main road as quickly as possible.
You must follow the marshal's instruction and park where indicated.
It will not be possible to reserve spaces for friends so
please arrive with your friends for a better chance of parking together.

The organisation of this annual event has been a particular challenge this year in the wake of the pandemic. The restrictions have been too great a challenge for many car shows causing events to be cancelled, yet despite ever more difficulties, our show committee made up of Tom Jameson, Chris Mason and Alan Humphries has kept this event on track.
A big "Thank you" to Tom and his crew and also more thanks to our volunteers without whom this day would not be possible.
There will be a Storrington village evening social event on Saturday the day before on Old Mill Drive, Storrington between 3.30pm -9.00pm so why not make a weekend of it? We are sure that there will be a number of SADCASE members in attendance on Saturday as a warm up for the main event on Sunday!

We have already received many offers of support from members which is appreciated.
If you are willing to offer a couple of hours or more on the day or day before on Saturday, then please let Tom know.
He can be contacted by email.

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