SADCASE Spring Gathering Storrington 24 March-UPDATE

Just to update SADCASE Members about the Horsham District/SADCASE Spring Gathering, which takes place in Storrington on Sunday 24 March.

The North Street (Library) car park will be closed for public use for the day. SADCASE has been allocated 120 parking spaces for a Spring Gathering from 11.00am to 2.00pm. At lunch time, we will be joined by the 40 cars (including 8 SADCASE Members) that are doing the actual Showcase Tour around the Horsham District.

In the car park there will be a beer tent (Greyhound Brewery), coffee/tea/snack van, ice cream van and perhaps most important of all, toilets !! Old Mill Drive will be closed to traffic and there will be an Italian Market and other stalls. We are not issuing windscreen passes or the such like, but with a limited spaces we are trying to keep an eye on numbers. Obviously, the weather will play a part but so far nearly 50 members have indicated their intention to attend. If you think you would like to come and have not done so already, please let Chris Mason know on To comply with the usual health and safety regs we are asked to have cars in place by 11.00 am when the show will officially open to the public. Marshals from Goodwood Marshals Club will be on hand to help you park up safely. We hope you will be able to stay until 2.00 pm but if you do need to move your car before then, you must be escorted by a Marshal.

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