SADCASE Practical Classics 'Best Club' Result....

Well here we go it seems we very nearly finished on top but were pipped at the post. Firstly our warmest congratulations to East Coast Retros, a well deserved award and we share with you many parallels namely our passion for motoring! The club would like to send our sincere thanks to everyone of you for your support and great turn out on the 28th June at The Spur. Please see the email from PC below.

Hello Jamie and the SADCASE bunch

Hope you are well. Thanks once again for being so unbelievably welcoming. This email is to tell you that after long deliberation we have chosen a winner, and you have been pipped at the post. Truth be told, every club in the top ten deserved to win. The incredible fun had by every owner at SADCASE, your friendliness and the variety of classics had at The Spur, the buzz and the sheer numbers – had you right up there. But as we drank tea and argued we realised, there was only one question that really mattered. Which club would we like to be a member of the most? Here the biscuits really flew and you were very much in contention. But eventually we arrived at a consensus. By the narrowest of margins East Coast Retros pipped you. I hope this isn’t too downheartening… you will have a bit shout in the next issue.

All the top ten were winners, of that there is no doubt.

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