Sunday 28th July (only 5 days to go) is the date for the Sadcase Storrington Show. Here are the details from the Sadcase web site: Once again, the last Sunday in July (28th) is the date for what has become the annual SADCASE Storrington Classic Vehicle Show; however, this year will be a bit different. Why you may ask? Well 2019 sees ten years since the formation of SADCASE. We have come a long way since the first small group got together one night in a Storrington pub. Now the club can boast 1600 members and is known throughout the classic and sports car community. With all that in mind, the feeling is that this years event should focus on SADCASE members and their cars. So it will be called the “SADCASE MEMBERS MEETING”. There will be the usual beer tent and food/drinks outlets but this year, the SADCASE cars really will be the stars. Of course, members of the public will be welcome to come and see our pride and joys. As in previous years, we are being given huge support by Storrington Parish Council. We will have the use of Storrington Recreation Ground free of charge and the Parish Council will be dealing with the necessary licences, risk assessments and insurance. There will be 400 spaces available on a first come first served basis. As we are using a public space, usual safety rules will apply. The gates will be closed to exhibitors at 10 am and the show will be open to the general public from then until 4pm. These times are subject to change. Hopefully, the sun will shine and members will wish to enjoy the day and stay to the end. But if for any reason you need to get away before then, we are obliged to emphasise that any car moving MUST be escorted by a marshal. THIS SHOW IS FOR SADCASE MEMBERS ONLY. NO NEED TO BOOK JUST TURN UP ON THE DAY AND ENTRY WILL BE GIVEN TO MEMBERS DISPLAYING A SADCASE STICKER IN THE WINDSCREEN. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A STICKER THEN THEY WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE SPUR ON TUESDAY 23RD FOR £2 EACH OR AT THE GATE ON THE DAY FOR £5 EACH.

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