SADCASE Classic Vehicle Show 2018 UPDATE

The SADCASE Classic Vehicle Show on July 29th is raring to go with a full house. Big thanks to Chris Mason for taking the bookings and sending out the window numbers. Chris writes: For the last two years, we have had more cars turn up than we had space for and had to turn people away. Those not able to get in were not very happy. Some waited outside in the road in the hope that others would leave early. This lead to traffic hold ups, which is something we have to avoid at all costs. Consequently, the idea of experimenting and giving people the chance to pre-book came into being. We started publicising this arrangement back towards the beginning of the year on the website and Facebook page. Martin’s bulletin to all members, which goes out every two weeks has also been carrying the message for several months now. The field can officially hold 400 cars although we have squeezed a few more in. So far we have had 407 people registered and have had to call a halt there. Inevitably, circumstances for some will change and they will not be able to come. Martin’s last bulletin to all members did say that the list was full and specifically asked people to let me know if they could not come so that I can reallocate their registrations. We now have a waiting list. It is good that the show is so popular and we would love to be able to get everyone in but we have reached capacity. Hope I have explained the situation and look forward to seeing you on the day.

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