SADCASE 10th year beer! `

We are having a competition open to the whole membership to name our 10th anniversary bottled beer! Greyhound brewery have brewed and bottled the beer and have the label ready to go - but the beer has no name!
The beer name is to be restricted to a maximum of 14 characters including any spaces, should be relevant to the club and preferably printable! All you have to do is send your name suggestions(s) over the next few days to and they will compile a list of all names suggested - we will then have a vote at the next SADCASE meeting on Tuesday 14th of May to choose the winning name. Whoever suggests the winning name will also receive a case of the beer once labelled! The beer will be available from Greyhound Brewery and at our SADCASE events, and being bottle conditioned it will keep well if looked after - so you can enjoy some now and keep some until SADCASE is 20!

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