Reminder of the Amberley Museum Date change-September 

Reminder of the Amberley Museum Date change-September 
We have made The Amberley Museum our  base for our second monthly meeting from April through to August on the fourth Wednesday of the month. We will change the September meeting dates to :

7th September Amberley Museum    (1st Wednesday in September) 
21st September The Fountain                  (3rd Wednesday in September)

This alteration will allow us to make one more visit to the Amberley Museum before the dark evenings draw in. We may close the meeting early on this evening say 8.30pm but at least we can accomodate our large number of cars in safety. The Worlds End was at breaking point last September with every car space used and Sadcase cars parked in a long line on the road.

This museum is known world wide and is a superb base for our club, offering food and drink in a unique private setting showing our cars off well. The  nominal £2 charge per car to cover staffing costs and assist the Museum in these difficult times is considered excellent value.  Thank you for EVERYONE having this sum ready upon arrival for our  second 2022 visit.
100% of this sum is then forwarded to the museum charity.

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