Pizza Italia Rally- Storrington- Sunday 13 March 2016‏

Many SADCASE members will have heard of the Pizza Italia event held in Horsham over the Easter weekend. How the connection was first made between the Town and Italy we are not sure; but it has turned into a big annual event which attracts a lot of people; all things Italian including cars with over one hundred Ferraris and other Italian supercars on display.

The event is organised by Horsham District Council who, this year, are trying take the fun and games out into the rest of the District. As part of the build up, on Sunday 13 March, 24 Italian supercars and a couple of electric Teslas will traverse the District visiting towns and villages; they will arrive in Storrington at 12.15 pm where they will park up for 30 minutes.

Storrington Parish Council has decided to make a day of it and has asked for our help. The focal point will be the North Street (Library) car park, part of which will be given over to a market and other activities. The rest has been allocated to SADCASE. We have been asked if we can form our cars up (don’t have to be Italian) to make an avenue into which the supercar convoy will drive when it arrives. We have up to 100 spaces available, with cars needing to be in position by 11.00 am for safety.

Hopefully, the weather will be kind and SADCASES will turn out with their own cars (we have all got supercars) to help make it a good start to spring and have a bit of fun. It may well be that some members will be in the convoy. Volunteers from The Goodwood Marshals Club and SADCASE will be there to see you parked up safely. Please put the date in your diary. Anything Horsham can do, we can do it better. If you need more information contact Chris Mason at

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