Not the Christmas party 2014

Not the xmas party 2014

Well the 2014 Sadcase "Not the Christmas Party" has been and gone and what a great night it was.

If you was there then you had a good time if you wasn't then you missed a fun packed night. Thanks by the bundle go to the main organisors Chrissie Brown and Meredith Hutchins and to all that helped it such a good night. They had arranged so much for us all to enjoy. 2 Aston Martins at the entrance and another car on display inside the function room, nicely themed tables for the delicious meal, the fantastic singer with the James Bond tunes, the DJ for dancing and the inspirational Blackjack and Roulette tables for gambling away your money.

Terry ran the bottle raffle and thank you to all that contributed the £300+ for the Mary How Trust Charity. See picture below of Meredith and Chrissie handing over the money. Clive Pluckrose and the missus won the best outfits of the night with their James Bond spaceman and Goldlady outfits and they both looked fantastic. Well done to all that took the James Bond theme on and dressed the part. Here are some pictures of the night.

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