Jensen Owners Club sponsored Bloodhound talk

Jensen C-V8 owner David Wright has made us aware of the Jensen Owners Club sponsored Bloodhound talk on 17th November, at St Catherine’s School Bletchingley, 7.00pm. Admission free by ticket from David Wright or Ian Northeast – background - Heading – Bloodhound SSC Project – The Adventure Builds!

The South Downs Area of the Jensen Owners Club is promoting this event above to help raise funds and spread awareness about the Bloodhound Land Speed Record attempt, and Ian Northeast will be introducing and covering the latest developments at St Catherine’s School Bletchingley, at 7.00pm on 17th November.

As well being a C-V8 owner, Ian is an experienced Ambassador for the Bloodhound Project Team, and has given audio-visual assisted talks to a wide range of schools to promote the unique science and engineering aspects of this inspiring project.

The school hall can accommodate 300 people, and there will be refreshments put on by the school for a nominal charge. Although admission is free by ticket from Ian or myself, we hope for donations from everybody, as all proceeds will then go to help financing the Bloodhound build.

Ian Glover, President of the Bloodhound 1K Supporters Club, will be on hand with merchandise for sale, and to help anyone who may want to join the Supporters Club.

Both Ian or David can issue tickets by e-mail to anyone who contacts us . Please contact David on

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