Interclub Karting Challenge 2016

Interclub Karting Challenge 2016

Bognor Regis Motor Club




Goodwood Marshals Club

Date: Friday, 7 October 2016 6 PM to 8:30 PM

Venue: Q Leisure, Albourne, West Sussex, BN6 9BQ

(just off the A23 about 6 miles north of Brighton)

1. Excellent facilities at an attractive rural location.

2. Superb 800 metre outdoor floodlit track.

3. Fast and capable 270 cc outdoor karts (far superior to indoor karts)

4. Teams of 4 drivers from each club; i.e. “Bognor A”, “Bognor B” etc, depending on numbers

5. Minimum of 16 drivers to make the event viable i.e. 4 teams of 4 drivers

6. Maximum of 24 (i.e. 6 teams of 4 drivers)

7. Each driver has a practice session and 2 races; a minimum of 35 minutes track time per driver (which is plenty – these karts are tiring and the track is properly challenging)

8. Electronic timing, each driver scoring points, working towards the winning team total

9. Separate award for fastest team (which is not necessarily the winner)

10. Coffee, tea, soft drinks & snacks available throughout.

11. Food can be ordered early in the evening for consumption at 8.30pm, after racing is complete.

12. Bar open from 8.30 pm until about 9.30 pm.

13. Cost is £65 per driver. Indoor karting is a bit cheaper, but these machines on this outdoor track are in a different league to indoor karting, and better value.

14. Deposit is £20 per driver. You can secure your place by emailing me on to confirm that you will attend, and by giving me £20, or sending this amount to:

H Sherrard


15. Emails or verbal statements like “I should be able to attend”, “I hope to attend” and similar will not reserve a place. Only a confirmation email and payment of £20 will guarantee a place.

16. You can of course pay me the £65 in full, to save making a second later payment of £45.

17. If the event does not run, all deposits and payments will be returned in full.

18. When booking, please tell me which club you will be racing for, and if you want to be in a team with other members of that club, who must also have confirmed and paid a deposit. If no preference expressed, I will work out the A, B etc teams for each club on a random basis.

19. As above, there are limited space places available, so please put your booking in early, and join us for this fun and challenging interclub event.

Harry Sherrard

01903 744975

07899 984535

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