Get into Gear for a Spring Gathering

Horsham District and Storrington Parish Councils have asked SADCASE to join in with their Showcase Tour on Sunday 24 March. There will be a lot going on in Storrington during the day with market stalls and catering experiences of various sorts.

The North Street (Library) car park in Storrington, will be closed to public parking for the day and 120 spaces have been allocated to SADCASE for a car display between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm. At lunch time, we will be joined by 40 cars that are touring the towns in Horsham District during the day. These cars are from various clubs including Italian, French, German , American and of course British marques. The British contingent is made up of eight classic cars owned and crewed by SADCASE members. Goodwood Marshals Club members, resplendent in their orange overalls, will be on hand to help you park up and to make sure everyone stays safe. Hopefully, the weather will be kind to us.

If you fancy an early spring day out, please let Chris Mason know on We are not issuing tickets/screen passes but for obvious reasons we have got to keep a track of numbers.

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