SADCASE Storrington Vehicle Show

A big day for all SADCASEs after such a long time since our last big show, two years in fact!

Very Important factors on the day to remember:
These factors will be applied by the car parking marshals.

1. You MUST display your numbered ticket to the marshal to access the showground.
If not displayed you may be refused entry or be parked in the public area .

2. For safety reasons all vehicles should be moved off the main road as quickly as possible.
There is no waiting allowed on the road.

3. All vehicles will be brought onto the show field as quickly as possible.

4. To this end you must follow the marshal’s instruction and park where indicated.
Side gaps between vehicles should allow for a full open door swing.

5. Towing vehicles and trailers for show cars brought on a trailer must go into the public
car park.

6. Reserving spaces or waiting at the gate in your car for friends to arrive is not allowed.
So arrive with your friends for a better chance of parking together.

7. Public car parking to be tightly restricted to allow for maximum occupancy.

Gates will be open from 8.30am and be shut to exhibiting cars at 10.30am.
Vehicles are expected to stay until at least 3.30pm.
If you have to leave prior to this you MUST be escorted off site by a Marshal.
Please note that there may be a delay for any member leaving early as
fewer marshals are required after the entrance gates have closed at 10.30am.

All show vehicles will be reversed into their space.

Our show committee have been working very hard, trusting the show will be safe, pleasant, memorable and hopefully very sunny!
It was decided to use a tested Eventbrite ticketing and recording system to record names and addresses which will enable successful members to display a valid ticket on their windscreen.

As a matter of interest there will be a Storrington village evening social event on Saturday the day before, on Old Mill Drive, Storrington between 3.30pm -9.00pm, so why not make a weekend of it? We are sure that there will be a number of SADCASE members in attendance on Saturday as a warm up for the main event on Sunday!

Our Show is traditionally considered the highpoint of our year. It is a superb opportunity for SADCASE members to spend the day displaying a unique collection of wonderful polished machinery in a friendly setting. The focus, as in all the past events, weather permitting, will be the machinery on show but look out for the beer tent brimming full with local alcohol, a good selection of food outlets, great music and the best company as well as interesting stalls to catch your eye.

We welcome a number of new marshals to our show this year in addition to some Goodwood marshals who are attending the event despite their very busy racetrack schedule. Members may recognise locally trained neighbours and friends who have been instrumental in keeping our local surgery safe during the government vaccination programme.
Many thanks to them for their participation as without them this show could not have been put on.

Date of event: 
Sun, 29/08/2021 - 08:30 to 17:00