Jaguar S Type

September Car of the Month. 

Provided by SADCASE Gearbox Member Alan Humphryes and in his own words. "Despite being a Lancastrian by birth and upbringing to early adulthood I hold no grudge against this, my first ever Jaguar, being Yorkshire registered. Specifically to a man named Albert in Wakefield. Very Yorkshire. She has done only 68K miles in her 15 years and I have done 9K of those. A lot of MOT history amongst other stuff suggests it is genuine. I call her My Fast Armchair such is the comfort of the drive. I also think she is the best £ for £ value car I have ever had given the features it has as an SE model and the price I paid for it in 2019. The new brake servo and cambelts since fitted were just normal maintenance. No DPF problems for me either unlike the Alfa Brera I previously had!!! She goes usually on long motorway trips where she just munches the miles."