Ford Cortina MK I GT/Super

Car of the month time! Barry Freedman's car since 1976, having had two previous owners. Used as his family car for three years and then, in 1979, the intention was to “tidy it up” and sell it. . . . Six years later the accumulated dust and grime were removed, the required bodywork was finally done and Barry resprayed it in the original Monaco Red. The car is built to “Export” GT/Super specification, one of a batch of 30 originally intended for the Kenyan Police, but never exported. Mechanically it is to “GT” specification, but fitted with “Super” interior and exterior trim, with factory-fitted sumpguard and comprehensive underseal. The current total mileage is 115,000. Many concours successes in the early ‘90s, now in honourable retirement as Barry considers there is more to life than polishing bumpers every Sunday!