Citroen SM

August's Car of the Month- Citroen SM

Our August car of the month is a special machine. Nick Savage first saw a picture of a Citroen SM in the 1970 Daily Express Motor Show review magazine. He was 8 years old and remembers getting home from school and looking through the magazine that his Mum bought for him that day, he always looked at the Citroens first and wanted to see the pictures of the new Citroen GS. He couldn't believe it when he saw the picture of the SM and it's been his favorite car ever since. And yes he does still have that same magazine 49 years later!
Nick his bought first SM in 1990, it was in poor condition but at last he had got one. A couple of years later Nick was able to afford a much nicer example which he owned until 1999 when the constraints of children and mortgage dictated it's sale. Other cars have come and gone over the last 20 years but last year he found himself in the fortunate position of being able to afford another SM, this beautiful example was bought in February 2019.
It's had an interesting history and Nick is only the 3rd owner. It was originally a Citroen UK press fleet car, it was used for some period UK magazine road tests and was probably destined to return to France at some point as it is fitted with a Kilometres speedo, yellow headlights and no passenger door mirror. Whilst owned by Citroen, it was used in an ITC television series called The Protectors, produced by Gerry Anderson of 'Thunderbirds' fame. It was driven by the Contessa Di Contini, a wealthy aristocrat played by the actress Nyree Dawn Porter. Unfortunately, Nyree was unable to get to grips with the tricky to drive SM so in all of the scenes showing the car being driven, it's the Citroen press guy driving and wearing a blonde wig! Because of this issue, the car was replaced after a few episodes by an NSU RO80.
The SM was sold by Citroen in August 1971 and the first owner kept the car until 1998, Nick bought it from the second owner and it has now covered approx. 75,000 miles.