BMW i8

May's Car of the Month. 

Kindly provided by Tom Jameson, in his own words:

"After some carefully thought out man-maths I managed to convince my wife that a BMW i8 would be a good investment.

Production of the i8 ended in 2020 with just under 2500 cars registered with the DVLA, compared to just over 7500 E Type Jaguars still registered today.  Like the E Type, the i8 benefits from zero cost road tax and with a limited mileage policy I managed to add it onto my multi-car insurance policy for just £250 per year.  You can already see the man-maths ...

I would also argue that it is a fabulous looking car, but there are also some stark differences to the E Type.  The plug-in hybrid power means that it has terrific acceleration from any speed combined with excellent fuel economy figures (the long term average on my car is 63mpg), and the modern carbon-fibre construction means that I can use it on a rainy day.

However, the i8 loses out big-time when it comes to bragging rights in the pub.  I try not to mention that the combustion engine is in fact a 1.5 litre, 3 cylinder petrol engine from a Mini Cooper!  Worse still, the engine sound is actually enhanced using the car's audio system!!  

Will it really be a good investment?  Who knows, but it's a lot more fun than an ISA :-)"